We pride ourselves on providing a first class service, which can only be achieved with first class resources. To meet your requirements we provide access to an unrivaled fleet of vehicles through our network of agents and the CBEX fleet of motorcycles and cars.

Our own liveried fleet is maintained and serviced ensuring maximum vehicle availability. The highest standards of courtesy and presentation are expected of our messengers and staff alike.

Offering premium service with no weight, size or value restrictions, CBEX ensures the fastest delivery possible throughout the world, often measuring in hours what other companies measure in days. With thousands of options available at our disposal, every shipment travels on the first available flight regardless of the time the order is placed. No shipment is ever held for consolidation.

Our entire global network of Agents operates on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week, 365 days each year including weekends and holidays. At CBEX, we offer you total service without boundaries.

Express Service

We offer a guaranteed door to door delivery of your documents, trade samples and personal parcels around the globe at economical prices. Full track and Trace of your shipments is available online.

Re-Mailing Service

When you need to send out bulk mail like mailers, bills or your product catalogues to your customers, this is a cost effective alternate. We send your bulk mail to the nearest Hub location and post it from there thus saving you time as compared to posting it locally. We work with Royal Mail, Emirates Post and USPS.

Cargo Service

(For Commercial or Heavy shipments) We offer this service for your shipments that need to be custom cleared and that need to be sent economically or for shipments that cannot be sent as a courier shipment due to size or weight limit restrictions. You can opt for a door to door service or a Door to Airport Service.

Import Export Service

We can arrange a pick up for you from anywhere in the world along with the convenience of collecting the charges from you on delivery in India.

CBEX International Import Express *

Convenient way to get fast, reliable delivery of inbound shipments of any size and weight. - Gives direct control of delivery and costs by providing a single country based invoice and one fixed cost for the total shipment. - Cuts importing lead times, reduces inventory holding costs. - Cost-effective, with simplified paperwork.

CBEX International Domestic Express

When you need an efficient country wide delivery service that delivers value for money service, choose KBN CCC Domestic Express service. We can collect and deliver to your requirements, whether you're sending documents or parcels you can expect a high quality service at affordable rates.

CBEX International Diplomat Service

If your requirements are unique and your shipment has to be there without fail, the Global Express Worldwide Diplomat service is tailor made to suit your requirements. Contact our customer service department and let us handle your shipment's special needs, we promise we won't let you down.

CBEX International Floral Greetings *

We can arrange a pick up for you from anywhere in the world along with the convenience of collecting the charges from you on delivery in India.